Where To Access Water In Henderson

An individual that is thinking about the state of Nevada is probably seen all of the images of the desert areas. They know that Las Vegas is built in the center of one of the driest areas in the state, but that’s not true. In all directions, there are many lakes that people can take advantage of. One of the most well-known is Lake Tahoe. Often associated with California, part of it is actually on the Nevada side, but there are many other lakes throughout the state. Let’s look at a few that you might want to visit, and why Henderson might be a good location to access some of the top ones.

What Are The Top Lakes In Nevada?

If you’re going to visit some of the best lakes in Nevada, you might want to start with one up by Reno. It is the famous Pyramid Lake, this link with what looks like a literal pyramid out in the water which is nothing more than a giant rock. If you descend from Reno, you will pass Walker Lake, and there are many others in all directions. However, whether you decide to visit the Hidden Lakes or Castle Lake, there is one called Lake Las Vegas.

Why Visit Lake Las Vegas?

So when you arrive, it’ll be about 20 miles away. It is designed to impress you. It is an oasis in a very large desert, a man-made lake that always appears to be full. There are golf courses, and there are places that you can stay where you can see the Lake. It’s a really beautiful sight to behold. Finally, you might want to head away from their traveling back into Henderson, or even Las Vegas, to see a water show.

There are quite a few lakes throughout Nevada, but Lake Las Vegas should be one that you see. It might be on your way to play golf, or perhaps you were just driving around, and he wanted to see where you can go where there’s going to be a lot of water. This is just one idea that you should consider if you are going to be staying in Henderson. On top of the different tours, hikes, and of course all the gambling and beer, it’s a great place to go to take a break from all of it.