Joyce Reed , Agent • HENDERSON, NV

With a background in management and over 20 years of real estate experience, TOP AGENT Joyce Reed is a proven choice for buyers and sellers in the Henderson and Las Vegas Valley areas of Nevada. “Real Estate has been a wonderful experience for me,” says Joyce. “I love the fact that I can help people in making their dreams a reality.” When Joyce first started out in the business, she wanted to be certain that what set her apart from other agents was that she didn’t treat her clients like just another transaction. “I didn’t want to be a salesperson,” she admits. “I just really loved working with people, and helping.” After receiving sound advice from her husband, Joyce came to the conclusion that, in her husband’s own words, “everybody needs a home, and you’re helping people meet that need.” Diving into the marketplace headfirst, Joyce found early success. She earned "Rookie of the Year Award" for her very first year in business, and hasn’t let up since. Joyce has built upon her early … Show More

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